Take a walk on the wild side and ignite a lifelong passion for art by discovering and building strong connections with the repertoire Land Art in the outdoors. Join our series of workshops taught by teaching artist Paul Frank Wagner, who will take you on an exploration of masterful pieces of Land Art that can be made and/or found in Monza and Northern Italy.

Intended to compliment the Sticks & Stones Land Art program, the outdoor classrooms are a wonderful way to enjoy art and the outdoors.

The classes are intended for children ages 3 to 10 (with caregivers from 3-5yrs) and in parks, foundations and more, using these locations as expanded classrooms and participating in guided viewings of works of art to engage in age-appropriate learning and art-making. Class is limited to 10 children.

About Paul

Paul Art.jpeg

Paul is a French-born, New York raised, world-renowned contemporary artist. His art is strongly influenced by the 1960’s Minimalism movement and the use of rope since the early 1990s, as his main material, aims to promote a revolutionary art. In 2014, Paul joined Angelica in founding Hoopla Education, driven by the aspiration to develop children’s creativity with very simple materials: sticks, stones, mud, leaves... In 2017 he authored Sticks & Stones, Contemporary Art curriculum inspired by the Land Art movement. Today he also runs children workshops and is a firm believer that all children are artists. “The problem is,” as Picasso once said, “is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

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