My Veggie Diaries


 My Veggie Diary is a multidisciplinary project centered around storytelling to develop early narrative skills in children ages 4yrs+ using the language, story and characters from The Vegetable Plot. Children learn about the basic architecture in every story bringing their story to life with puppets and multi-media activities!

Why Implement My Veggie Diaries Programme?

  • Perfect programme to develop early narrative skills and self-expression in 4yrs+ through the story, characters and language of The Vegetable Plot
  • Shows children how to bring a story to life through a multimedia exploration of storytelling
  • Every project is accompanied by a My Veggie Diary, one or more videos and The Vegetable Plot Season 1 CD
  • Promotes healthy eating of fruit and vegetables

The Storyboard

My Veggie Diary guides children into creating their own storyboard by using the story from The Vegetable Plot Season. Featuring Aspara Gus, the fearless leader of The Vegetable Plot, children are taken on a storytelling adventure!


Inspiration & Self-Expression

Collie (Cauliflower) is creative and talented. She loves to paint, sing and write poems. In this diary, Collie takes us on a journey of inspiration and self expression - from painting, to poetry and songwriting.. There’s an artist inside all of us!


Artie Jokes

Artie Choke knows everything about music and vegetables, and he loves to share his knowledge with the group. Although some of his vegetable jokes can be a bit rotten, the other veggies love it when he comes to visit because they learn so much from him. Cultivate the art of storytelling through humour with this veggie diary!