Teaching for Sustainability in The Early Years

The Garden Project is the first curriculum to combine a Project Based Learning (PBL) approach to the STEAM framework following nature's lifecycle, from seed to table to seed again, in an innovative multidisciplinary program for children ages 3yrs+.

This nature-inspired project is based on the principles of sustainability and encourages children to learn about their natural environment. Children have rich opportunities to discover, observe and investigate, creating a sense of purpose and curiosity as they learn to nurture the plants they grow.

At each step of the growing process, children are introduced to the scientific method, documenting their findings in their Garden Project Journals.

Program Overview

The Garden Project, is made up of 5 units, with 4 lessons per unit. Click below to see the Scope & Sequence per unit:

TGP Flowchart.jpg

Unit 1 - Preparing

Unit 4 - Harvesting

Unit 5 - Decomposing & Regenerating




Teacher’s Support

The Teacher's Manual gives teachers the step-by-step process of how to implement The Garden Project applying PBL within a STEAM framework. The program follows nature's cycle and is subdivided into 5 practical units: Preparing, Planting, Growing, Harvesting and Decomposing & Regenerating.

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Aligned with UK's EYFS framework, the student journals are an integral component of The Garden Project. As budding scientists, children learn to document their findings of Nature making learning visible. These skill-based journals are subdivided into 3 levels: Wonder (3-5yr olds), Observation (4-6yr olds) and Investigation (5-7yr olds).



Choose between three implementation methods: Self-paced Online training, a full day face-to-face training for all your staff and/or a residency program with a Hoopla Specialist.


Garden Party is a great way to involve parents, children and even grand-parents in a bonding experience with Nature! Download your free pack below with the step-by-step guide of how to run this beautifully engaging session at your school!