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Sticks & Stones is a unique Contemporary Art Curriculum for children 3yrs+

We believe that every child is an Artist. Sticks & Stones develops children’s sense of aesthetics by applying innovative art techniques inspired by the masters of Land Art and Contemporary Art. The curriculum is subdivided into a series of studies that focus on major works of Art using: sticks, stones, mud, leaves, pinecones and anything you can find in the outdoors! Children learn how to identify the basic elements of art from form, color, shape, pattern and texture as they build their own Art Portfolio.

Accompanied by the Sticks & Stones Teacher's Guide, teachers are empowered to cover Land Art through a series of age appropriate activities that focus on children’s creative process!

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Sticks & Stones, Children’s Art Portfolio

Children are taken on a journey of self-expression using natural materials such as sticks, stones, leaves and mud in a study inspired by the Land Art Movement and major works of Contemporary Art that use natural materials. 40 pages of guided art activities will turn your children’s works into a heirloom art portfolio!

For ages 3yrs+

Click here to see the sample Children's Art Portfolio

Sticks & Stones, Teacher’s Book

A guided Teacher’s Book that will give you the step by step process of how to teach Land Art to produce aesthetic works of Art that the children will be proud to share and keep. The 20 lesson plans will entrust teachers to talk knowledgeably about Contemporary Art and inspire a new generation of artists!

For Ages 3yrs+

Click here to see a sample of the Teacher’s Book

Why Implement Sticks & Stones Art Curriculum?

  • Multi-age curriculum for 3yrs+ that focuses on skills, unique techniques and art history education

  • The only children's art curriculum to highlight the major post-world war II western Art movements, subdivided into 3 modules or studies: Land Art, Minimalism and Arte Povera

  • The study comes with a teacher's guide, inclusive of 20 unique lesson plans, providing classroom teachers with the specialized techniques to apply different art styles from the major Contemporary Art movements

  • In addition, each study is accompanied by a beautifully designed Children's Art Portfolio that documents and guides each child to interpret the art movement(s) and build their own body of work in a fun and engaging way

  • Provides teacher tools and handouts to exhibit the children's work, turning the classroom into an art gallery and the teacher into an art curator!

  • Access to world renowned Contemporary Artist Paul Frank Wagner to facilitate the implementation process

  • Learn from the masters, highlighting works by Carl Andre, Richard Long, Walter de Maria and Robert Smithson


View children’s creative processes as Contemporary Artist and Sticks & Stones author, Paul Frank Wagner, reflects on how his work is mirrored into children’s works and viceversa.