Student Journals

The Garden Project takes children on a multidisciplinary exploration of Nature. Designed for 3 to 6 year olds, children document their findings in a series of delightfully engaging activity books.


Learning Made Visible in 3 levels

There is nothing more empowering for a child than to document their learning in one place and to be able to see and track their progress. These closely aligned EYFS journals, give parents information about the skills being developed together with their learning progression.

Sense of Wonder

What are nature’s elements? What does a plant need to grow? How do vegetables grow? These are some of the questions that children answer as they are taken on an exploration of Nature’s wonders. Children are introduced to lead simple inquiries whilst using land art to guide their aesthetic outputs.

Sense of Observation

Nature teaches important lessons of care, empathy and patience. In this journal, children are guided into observing nature’s clues to better understand the world around them. Children will learn that they can’t rush nature. Afterall, what better teacher is there than Mother Nature?

Sense of Investigation

Observing, measuring, documenting, this journal is all about developing children’s inquiry skills and finding tangible ways to document the changes. The last of a series of three journals, children are now scientists of their natural world!



Make it your own

In addition to a tailor-made implementation program, we also provide the option of customizing the student journal to meet your curricular and and look & feel needs and strengthen your school’s messaging.