The Vegetable Plot CD

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The Vegetable Plot CD


Title: The Vegetable Plot

Audience: Children

For Ages: 2yrs+

Format: CD

Project: The Garden Project

We joined forces with The Vegetable Plot and are now offering this fantastic CD with The Garden Project! 13 Funky, fresh tracks for kids, families, foodies and groovies, featuring all your favourite characters. Download the lyrics and sing along with us!

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Song list:

1. The Vegetable Plot (main theme)

2. Out of the Ground

3. I love to go outside

4. Avocado

5. Ru Barb

6. Spanish Onion

7. Melon Collie

8. Rockit Lettuce

9. Bro Colini (Vegetables are funky)

10. Artie Choke

11. Let's make a Salad

12. Squeeze your vegetables / grow up up up

13.Little Green Heads