Enriching the Classroom Experience with Third Culture Practices

Moving between cultures in the classroom to enhance the learning process in the Early Years.

As the World becomes more global and cultures more amalgamated, knowing how to manage two or more cultures within a classroom or children who belong to multiple heritages (Third Culture Kids) becomes increasingly important. Traditionally TCKs referred to children who were raised in a culture different to their parents’. Today, third culture is more widely used to describe the amalgamation of two or more cultures children are raised in.

With the increase of globalization and mobility, this trend is on the rise, making it crucial for professionals in the early years to know how to successfully navigate between cultures and adequately respond to unique situations that arise in the classroom. In this Workshop, we will give you a cultural framework to work with to develop empathy and identification with others as well as enhancing the quality of children’s learning experiences.

Thomas Friedman wrote, "…a culture easily absorbs foreign ideas and best practices and melds these with its own traditions."* Our best classroom practices include how to use speech, rhythm, language and songs to facilitate the absorption of two or more cultures, making the most of instructional resources as well as adjusting it to being more locally relevant.

Finally we will provide you with the hands-on strategies on how to solve the “trilemma” which arises from conflicting cultural values, giving educators and children the cross-cultural skills needed to be leaders in today’s globalized world.

About this workshop

This Workshop is meant for professionals in the early years who deal with two or more cultures in their classroom and whose goal is to facilitate the best learning experience for their children. We will provide you with the cultural framework that will facilitate the customisation of content to be more locally relevant. 

Number of Participants: 30 max.

Upcoming Workshop: Hong Kong, Sunday May 31 2015: http://www.hooplaeducation.com/new-events/thirdculturehongkong

* The World is Flat