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Press Release

Madrid - June 2018: Hoopla Education and Macmillan Iberia have just entered into an agreement to deliver The Garden Project to children across Spain

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These two companion plants of the educational content sector, have strengthened their know-how to deliver the first-of-its-kind Project Based Learning programme to apply the STEAM Framework for children ages 3 and up to learn, problem solve and develop communication skills in English.

Last February, Macmillan Iberia, one of the leading companies in the educational content sector and part of one of the largest international publishing groups Springer Nature, licensed The Garden Project, a programme already running in 16 countries across 4 continents, created by Hoopla Education, specialized in developing unique educational content that uses nature as an authentic purpose for learning.

Together they are planting the seeds for a greener future, as the children in Spain collaborate to answer Our Green Question, the question that drives the enquiry within every lesson, through hands-on activities.

Last May 24 2018, Angelica Manca and Paul Wagner, co-founders and authors of The Garden Project, were invited by Macmillan Iberia to launch the partnership at the Botanical Gardens of Madrid and train a team of enthusiastic teachers from the country.

 “I believe that learning has to be based on real life situations and The Garden Project promotes this philosophy” notes Judith, Nursery and Early Childhood Coordinator at the International School SEK El Castillo.

The Garden Project, aligned with key educational standards, folds all Preprimary and Elementary Curricular needs into one holistic project:

●      This innovative project prepares children for 21st century learning by combining sustainability and healthy eating with English Language Learning

●       Its flexible approach offers freedom to carry out The Garden Project at different times of the year

●      The multi-sensory hands-on component of the project encourages learning through all of the senses

●      The social and emotional focus is key, as children develop patience, caring for living things and work together to answer Our Green Question

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Hands-on and Engaging Activities

Hands-on, creative best practices that are engaging for both children and educators.

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Student Documentation made Easy

Documenting children’s learning is made much easier using the journals provided.

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The Garden in the Box

The Garden in the Box brings nature into the classroom even in highly urbanized settings, providing an ever-changing set of resources to explore, observe, and learn from.