Hoopla Education delivers Sustainable Education through curricular solutions, workshops and teacher trainings with the goal of building a more sustainable future. Our innovative pedagogy applies a project-based-learning approach starting from Early Years.


Our mission is to develop a life-long love of learning in children to positively influence our planet's wellbeing through our innovative educational programs, empowering children to become today's innovators and tomorrow’s custodians of the Earth.

Sustainable Education

Hoopla Education specializes in Sustainable Education to fully engage children in the learning process and provide them with the 21st century skills. Sustainability in our educational programs addresses the ability to positively influence our planet's wellbeing by establishing a strong bond with nature as well as maintaining children's sustained interest in the learning process through our unique educational programs.

Our programs develop children's natural curiosity by taking nature's ever-changing set of resources and applying a unique 3-step process.

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As budding scientists, children are naturally fascinated by nature's wonders. We give children unique contexts of learning to make their exploration more meaningful.

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Once a concept or material has been explored, our activities provide children with the specialized skills and techniques developed by our team of experts to apply their learning and innovate the classroom experience. 

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Children document their findings through a series of beautifully designed skill-appropriate journals, diaries and/or portfolios, making their learning visible and accessible to both children and adults. 

Nature Inspired Programs


The Garden Project, Early Years PBL curriculum to teach for sustainability

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Sticks & Stones, develops visual literacy with the use of natural materials


My Veggie Diaries develops storytelling & early narrative skills with vegetable characters

Professional Learning

We believe in empowering teachers with the necessary hands-on strategies with unique multi-disciplinary skillsets.