Teaching English is Child's Play


Teaching English is Child's Play


Learning English as a foreign language is an essential life-skill in today’s globalized world. Studies show that its education in preschool years is the most valuable moment to introduce it as a foreign language. In this workshop, we will adopt innate language-learning strategies, the way children acquire their native language, to show you how to introduce English as a foreign language and employ creative techniques with the use of songs, games, listening activities, visual cues, actions, stories and more!

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Teaching English is Child's Play!

The Value of Storytelling in English Language Teaching using Creative Cross-Disciplinary Techniques for Children ages 2-6

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This class is meant for any early years professional whose goal is to introduce English as a foreign language or create a bilingual environment for her childcare setting. It’s also a great professional development training for educators who are already involved in ELT and are looking for new and innovative ideas to adopt in the classroom.

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This workshop is subdivided into 4 parts:

Part 1:  Tell Me a Story – Scaffolding techniques in storytelling for English language learners

  • Young children as self-motivated natural language acquirers
  • Enhancing innate language-learning strategies
  • Imitation, repetition and the choice of simple words in story telling
  • The phases in story-telling and creating a story

Part 2:  The Listening Walk – Developing listening skills by reconnecting with nature

  • Hearing vs. listening: training little ears to listen
  • Acoustic ecology: the sounds of Nature and their role in listening skills
  • Class preparation and sound collection
  • Building a story around sound

Part 3: Total Physical Response in Storytelling – Combining movement to language to enhance meaning

  • Total Physical Response in the early years
  • Coordinating speech and action
  • Combining visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning style
  • Hand-eye coordination in action-stories

Part 4: Paint Me a Story – Applying layers and composition to build a story through images

  • Capturing movement onto canvas and paper

  • Aesthetically arranging images together
  • Creating a story through layering and composition
  • The final performance piece