The Garden Project Face-to-Face Training


The Garden Project Face-to-Face Training


Bringing kids closer to nature has never been more important. In this workshop, educators will be given the step-by-step process of how to create an edible garden and develop numerous planned and spontaneous growing activities with children ages 3-6yrs old, all whilst nurturing empathy and collaboration in the classroom! In addition, educators teaching English as a foreign language are given the resources to introduce English in the most natural context!

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The Garden Project

Children have an innate love towards nurturing plants. Every stage of growing things gives children a sense of purpose and satisfaction and is a fantastic way to involve parents in the educational process as it may even inspire them to start growing their own edible garden at home!

This workshop gives educators the step-by-step guide on how to create their own mini edible garden-in-the-box, using recycled materials, as well as numerous planned and spontaneous growing activities with children to enrich their learning experience.

Taught in a collaborative environment, the workshop is subdivided into 4 modules:

1. Science & Nature: The Edible Garden-in-a-Box

Educators are given the step-by-step process of how to create your mini-edible classroom garden out of an old vegetable crate as well as the key horticultural and gardening skills that go with it.

2. Tactile Art: Suspended Garden Installation

Participants explore how to use plastic bottles, dirt and plants to create the most incredible art installations that serve a double purpose: growing your vegetables, aesthetically!

3. Music: Vegetable Sound Exploration

Did you know that a carrot can be transformed into a flute? Together we will learn about pitch and timbre through vegetables and other natural materials.

4. Early Maths: Measuring Empathy with Water and Early Numeracy Skills

Maths and science will come together into a lesson on empathy and patience by combining it with caring for living organisms.

5. Growing Language Skills

In addition, ELL educators will be given the hands-on strategies on how to introduce English in the most natural context by fully immersing the children in English through creative movement & TPR and specially adapted stories.

Learning Contexts and Cross-disciplinary Approach

Our workshop is designed to show you how to create contexts that sustain learning processes through the application of a variety of skills, disciplinary knowledge and competencies. Together we will combine Gardening + Math & Science + Art + Sound Exploration to nurture collaboration and empathy in your classroom!

What The Garden Project Workshop gives you:

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  • A 1-day workshop: 6hrs day, subdivided into four 1.5hr sessions each.
  • Early years practitioners are grouped into Learning Groups of no more than 20 participants each, to facilitate the technical apprenticeship conducted by our Hoopla Education Experts and concluding with a group collaborative session (a Garden-In-The-Box per 4-5 participants)
  • Run by Hoopla Education Experts with unique backgrounds who weave cross-disciplinary activities with the use of an edible garden and other everyday materials. Disciplines include: conceptual art, creative movement, science & nature and music & sound exploration.
  • Every participant will receive a The Garden Project Teacher's Book which is a 175-page teacher's manual that provides early years practitioners with spontaneous and structured lesson plans to apply the specialised skills and techniques acquired throughout the workshop.
  • The workshop is taught in a collaborative environment by “emotionally, intellectually and aesthetically" engaging the participants through the creation of an edible Garden-In-A-Box as well as a 3-D hanging-garden installation using recyclable materials.
  • Alignment of the Garden Project with early childhood education goals.
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals to share children’s project outputs
  • Access to online video tutorials
  • The Hoopla Education Certificate of Completion