The Art in Learning

Engaging Children with Sand and Water to Develop Key Learning Domains

Class Project

Combine sand and water play across 4 disciplines, targeting key learning domains, through a Group Installation Project.

Workshop Overview

Children’s fascination with sand and water can be seen as early as their first year. Their natural affinity with these two raw materials make sand and water the perfect vehicles for exploration, open-ended play and experimentation. In addition, water and sand play is developmentally appropriate regardless of the child’s physical condition, age, language, gender or culture (Bredeikamp 1987). Together we will use the versatility of these materials to target 4 disciplines and develop key learning domains in the Early Years. 

This Workshop is part of “The Art in Learning” series of creative teaching techniques, whereby the aesthetic value and conceptual aspects of Art are explored across 4 disciplines to enhance the learning process in children as young as 2 years old.

The Workshop begins with a preview of the conceptual art project conducted by Artist Paul Frank Wagner and the children of Tinos, using Sand and Water. Together we will incorporate the disciplines of Art, Movement, Sound Exploration and English Language Learning conducted by leading experts, to conclude the 2-day Workshop with a collaborative group installation.

You will be given the skills and techniques within the 4 Disciplines to develop the aesthetic value, science concepts, enhance English language development, foster physical coordination and promote social skills.

Every activity is developmentally and age appropriate to be conducted with children in the early years. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to run these water and sand activities either as stand-alone sessions or as part of a group project. In addition, this collaborative group project is perfect as a summer camp!


This Workshop gives you:

  • 20 unique open-ended activities using sand and water to develop the whole child, targeting the 2 to 6 year age group
  • In-depth understanding of conceptual Art, developing aesthetic value through patterns and combining the learning with an additional three key learning domains: language (English as a foreign language), physical development (movement) and music (sound exploration)
  • Group project to foster collaboration and social skills.
  • Improvisational strategies that respects the individual child and makes the learning fun!
  • Material to run your own Summer Camp
  • A Certificate of Completion

Upcoming Workshops

Tinos (Greece): July 24 + 25 2015 at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos, 84 200 Cyclades (Greece). Cost Euro 199 with Early Bird Special rate of Euro 149 if booked by June 12, 2015.

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Speakers Bios

Eleni Lagoudaki, Music and Movement Specialist

Music, Language, Creative Movement and Art have always played a major role in Eleni’s life from a very young age. She started piano and music lessons at the age of 5 and continued her official music education at the Musical Institution of Athens. Eleni holds a degree as a music and piano teacher with experience in teaching to music schools and Institutions in both Tinos and Athens. She performs as a pianist and is the lead pianist for the Classical choir of Tinos. Since 2000 she has directed and narrated musical fairytales with the active participation of children. In addition, Eleni holds a B.A in English and American Literature from the University of LaVerne with certification from the Hellenic American Union in Athens on Teaching English as a foreign language to young learners.

Eleni’s advanced 15-year academic Ballet background from the Rallou Manou Dance School gives her an appreciation for the importance of rhythmical movement and creative expression and the ability to use her skills to facilitate music and language acquisition through movement. A passionate Kindermusik educator since 2012, Eleni applies her personal artistic touch to all Kindermusik activities she teaches. Consequently, her Kindermusik classes have flourished into an enthusiastic and passionate community of parents and children of all ages.

Eleni has been living in the beautiful and inspirational Island of Tinos with her husband and their two children for the past 17 years. She is an active member of the local Cultural Committee where she organizes and participates in many cultural events including in 2013 Through the eyes of the children a piece of Contemporary Art can reveal unique Sounds, Rhythms and Movement at Tsoclis’ Museum of Contemporary Art. Her belief is that an educator’s role is to awaken and inspire children to see beyond the obvious and communicate it through the power of the Arts, no matter what the age of the child!

Angelica Manca, Educational Expert and EFL Professional

As a global citizen who was born and raised in Europe (France, Switzerland, Italy and the U.K.) and 15 years work experience that spans the Americas, Europe and Asia, Angelica has dedicated the last 8 years of her professional career to the promotion of creativity in the early years, particularly in the realm of music and language development. She has spoken at multiple conferences in Europe and Asia on The Role of Play, Music and Movement in English Language Learning for Young Learners (Children’s Museum Rome, 2009); The Impact of Play in Social-Emotional Development (Beijing International Early Childhood Conference, 2010); The Impact of Music on Foreign Language Acquisition (International Conference on Bilingualism, Hong Kong, 2012), to name a few.

During the past 8 years as International Director of Kindermusik International, she has combined her background in Psychology, experience in early childhood education and English language learning to create ABC English & Me, Kindermusik's first English language learning program for small children using music as a vehicle of learning. ABC English & Me teaches thousands of children English giving them the confidence and ability to communicate in a new language.  She believes in the value of communication and combining skills to bring the highest learning experience.

Paul Frank Wagner, Conceptual Artist

Paul Frank Wagner is a world-renowned conceptual artist raised in New York City and based out of Paris. His art is strongly influenced by the 1960's Minimalism movement and the use of rope as his main material aims to promote a revolutionary art. Texture, accessibility, recycling propensity, and the ability to both connect and free are the reasons Paul has chosen "rope" in his artwork. 

In 2005, Paul was 1 of the 30 Artists featured in "30 Ways to make a Painting" - together with high profile artists such as Christo, Keith Sonnier, Allan Mc Collum and Nam June Paik to name a few, at the Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinatti, OH. USA. In 2009 his solo show was featured at Scope Miami for Grey Gallery/LHP Productions. In 2014 his "Exhale" Installation for the animals in the Forest won 1st prize on Artslant Magazine.

Today, Paul travels the world creating and performing his 3-Dimensional Rope Painting installations in the most unusual locations. Paul firmly believes that everyone is an artist and like Picasso said "all children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up". Watch Paul in action

Katherine Xenophontos, Music Pedagogue and Sound Specialist

Katherine Xenophontos has been teaching music education for over 15 years. A Canadian born Cypriot and graduate of Music Education at York University in Toronto, Canada, she has spent the last 12 years teaching preschool, primary & secondary music to children in Cyprus.

As a mother of 4 young children, Katherine saw the need for a high quality early years music program and decided to combine her two passions, music and children, bringing Kindermusik classes to Cyprus for the first time in 2007. Reaching over 400 children in the nursery school setting, Katherine began to see the incredible results that music has on children and how training teachers and parents to understand the benefits of music can bring a long lasting change in education in the early years.

Actively involved in the music education scene in Cyprus, Katherine continues to advocate the need for quality music education in the early years, especially the exploration of sound within the classroom setting, as a means to inspire creative music making using the body, the voice and day to day materials. This has brought her to currently work on a Masters Degree in Music Education centred around the area of creativity and in Music Education through creative teaching.

 The last 5 years through her work as Regional Director of Southern Europe and the Middle East, Katherine has been able to develop early years music education by recruiting, training & supporting hundreds of educators, as they ‘share the gift of music’ with children & families in their countries through studio classes and the school setting.

In June of 2014 she presented a workshop and paper on music and early language & literacy development at the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS) conference held in Nicosia, Cyprus. Her continued goal is to reach out to educators and schools, advocating the many benefits of music education in early years development, fostering children with a life-long love for music.

Popi Charitaki, Music and Special Eds Specialist

Popi is an Early Years practitioner, piano teacher and Kindermusik educator with a unique background in Special Education. For the past 8 years, Popi has been worked alongside Dr. Natassa Yannaca and a team of therapists on the “Friends’ Play” project (S.KE.PS.YS Centre),  designed to support children with learning, emotional, behavioural and developmental difficulties. Her expertise lies in adapting musical activities to special needs children to maximise the therapeutic effects of play. The results have been phenomenal and were presented in the National Conference for Asperger’s Syndrome in February 2011 at the University of Thessaly and in many more conferences around the world since then.