Hoopla Residencies

Hoopla Education puts teacher training at the forefront of all resources we develop. We believe in pairing Hoopla Education Specialists with classroom teachers to conduct customized onsite professional learning and extend teachers' skill-sets with unique techniques to innovate the classroom experience. 


How the Residency Programs work


A Hoopla Education Specialist works alongside a preschool or kindergarten teacher to demonstrate the specialised skills within one or more of the S.T.E.A.M. learning domains to facilitate the implementation of The KinderGarden Curriculum.

A Classroom Residency:

  • has a minimum duration of 40hrs

  • integrates The KinderGarden Curriculum and activities within the teacher’s daily routine

  • includes a customised yearly scope & sequence

  • provides the teacher with the teacher's manual complete of lesson plans and hands-on strategies for its successful implementation
  • infuses the curriculum with local cultural aspects

Residency Program at your School

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