Hoopla Education programs use Nature as an instructional medium because using Nature in the classroom is exciting to children, motivates learning, develops self-confidence and encourages collaboration, helping to support personal, social and emotional objectives. In addition, its continual use throughout the year brings young children into meaningful contact with its diversity.

Hoopla Education is currently looking for licensed partners to spread The Garden Project to new countries and regions. The Garden Project weaves real life lessons into learning experiences as children manipulate natural materials, making education more robust and meaningful. We believe in partnering with local partners who have a good understanding of their market and natural environment and value the importance of local adaptation following their seasonality and fauna & flora.

The Hoopla Education partner or licensee is granted the right to market, distribute, and sell The Garden Project and/or other programs, for the purpose of implementing the program(s) in the country or region specified in the licensing agreement. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships to deliver truly authentic learning.

To enquire about the availability of foreign rights from a Hoopla Education publication, email Angelica Manca at angelica@hoopla.education or call +39.339.3185536