Standard Based Curricula

Our dynamic learning approach is the ultimate Early Years' STEAM Curriculum - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math - where children gain knowledge and understanding of the world by investigating nature and learning is grounded through the global Learning Community accessed via The Global Classroom

We believe children are strong, powerful and competent learners and can be trusted to ask the right questions. Our role as educators is to intervene as little as possible, but to observe, listen, interpret and facilitate children’s research by providing interesting and stimulating experiences and resources. These observations are carefully documented with meaningful journaling via 3 levels of skill-based Student Journals, which also allows you to easily assess every student's performance in STEAM activities. Moreover, every journal is aligned with the EYFS Framework so that you can easily identify which learning domains are being addressed together with their learning progression.

Why Nature?

The use of nature as a resource in the classroom is perfect as it is readily accessible for children to observe on a daily basis, providing an ever-changing set of resources to explore, test, observe, and learn from.