Everyone is an Artist

Conceptual Art with 3 to 6 year olds

Age group: Children ages 3 to 6 years old

X-Ray Onions: Print-making

X-Ray Onions: Print-making

Participants: 20 participants max. includes art materials.

Duration: 2 hours

Class Project: Create a unique a group work project inspired by the most innovative contemporary art movements.

About the Class

Kids love to communicate and express themselves especially with the use of pictures and symbols. This workshop will empower you to use unique ways for children to share their world with you!

Tennisball Art: Action Painting

Tennisball Art: Action Painting

Get messy with contemporary Artist Paul Frank Wagner, as he guides you to adopt innovative art techniques using everyday materials, awakening your little Artists to a world of possibilities!

In this workshop, you will be given the strategies to facilitate, document and present the creative process to your kids. And remember – there is no wrong way of doing Art!

In this session we will:

  • Be inspired by nature and the major land art movements.
  • Take lessons from Robert Rauschenberg, the master in layering, taking turns with your child to add layers and collaborate on your artwork.
  • Explore composition and collage by cutting images and gluing them with your children.
  • Discover Jackson Pollock’s not-so-accidental action painting using a tennis balls and toothbrushes!
  • Be inspired by Andy Warhol’s print-making techniques with the use of everyday objects such as plastic bottles and caps. 
  • Take stencils to a whole other dimension using light.
Exploring textures and Land Art: Mud Drawing

Exploring textures and Land Art: Mud Drawing

Paul Frank Wagner is a world-renowned conceptual artist raised in New York City and based out of Paris. His art is strongly influenced by the 1960's Minimalism movement and the use of rope as his main material aims to promote a revolutionary art. Texture, accessibility, recycling propensity, and the ability to both connect and free are the reasons Paul has chosen "rope" in his artwork. 

In 2005, Paul was 1 of the 30 Artists featured in "30 Ways to make a Painting" - together with high profile artists such as Christo, Keith Sonnier, Allan Mc Collum and Nam June Paik to name a few, at the Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinatti, OH. USA. In 2009 his solo show was featured at Scope Miami for Grey Gallery/LHP Productions. In 2014 his "Exhale" Installation for the animals in the Forest won 1st prize on Artslant Magazine.

Today, Paul travels the world creating and performing his 3-Dimensional Rope Painting installations in the most unusual locations. Paul firmly believes that everyone is an artist.